Practical materials

Here are some of the main practical materials developed during the research. We hope they might be useful for other NGO managers.

 1. The Listen First Framework

The heart of Listen First. It is a one page summary of what accountability means in practical terms. It splits accountability into 4 areas, and describes 4 different levels of performance for each area.

 2. 25 Practical Examples

Real life examples of how NGOs have been accountable to their beneficiaries in practice. They are very short, with links on to more details. They can help managers think about what's possible.

 3. Accountability Checklist

This was an early version of the same ideas in the Listen First Framework. It has 5 areas, with 30 questions across all of them. It provides a more rigid framework for what accountability means.

 4. Community Research Methodology

This describes one approach to researching beneficiaries' opinions. It is a way of asking local people how NGO staff have behaved towards them, and how useful they found the NGO's work. The folder includes sample forms & a checklist.

5. Staff Workshop Methodology

Session plans for the day and a half long workshop we ran with staff, to help them assess their current performance and identify improvements. Includes notes on what we learned about running the workshops.

6. Sample Country Report

This is a real report to local managers by the research team after a field visit. It includes details of a workshop run with project officers (including methods and findings), and potential next steps for managers.

The content of the material has not been changed. But the names and locations have been removed, and the presentation simplified.