Here are the main reports from the research. They include the key data, findings and implications for managers, as well as the academic background.

1. Findings

This is a summary of the key findings and implications from the project. It is a short version of the full report.

2. Full  report

This is the full report from the research project. It describes the research process, key data, analysis and presents the findings. It also includes a short section on the implications for management.

3. Putting New Approaches to NGO Accountability into Action 

This is a 20 side academic paper, which sets out (a) the academic background to the project, and (b) what the project aimed to achieve. It was presented to a conference at NUI Galway in Nov 07.

4. Listen First: a pilot system for managing downward accountability in NGOs

This academic paper provides a report of the entire Listen First project. It was published in 2010 in the peer reviewed journal Development in Practice, vol 20 issue 7, and is available to download for free.

5. Research Process: Practical Examples

This is a short note describing the process of researching practical examples of good practice. It was much harder than expected!

6. Angola community research

Report from community research carried out in Angola, describing local people's views as to how accountable Concern is to them, and how useful they think Concern's work is.